Building Virtual Worlds(BVW) is a core course from CMU Entertainment Technology Center. In this course, I designed a series of innovative experiences and creative interactions in the HoloLens and Oculus Quests2 collaborating with different teams.
VR Chasing Game
Overview: Play like a tiny rabbit riding on a toy car to escape an evil cat. Explore the space in a shrunk view and throw candy to stop the cat! Can you get to the end and escape?

My contribution: Experience design. Rabbit and cat modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation.
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VR horror experience
Overview: After receiving a mysterious voicemail in your new home, you must explore and uncover the story behind the death of Jamie Pyre.

My contribution: Narrative design. 3D assets modeling. 3D environment design.
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AR Storytelling Experience
Overview: The whole game experience is a conversation happening in a toxic relationship. The guest, as the wife, has a goal to raise self-esteem during the conversation, which will influence the orientation of this marriage. The guest makes a decision by the interaction of dragging the conversation bubble into the iPad.

My contribution: Interaction design. 3D modeling & texturing.