Project Overview

Arkind is an arcade game preview app that helps users to explore arcade games easier and faster. An arcade game is a coin-operated entertainment machine typically installed in public businesses. With the development of technology, people can also play arcade games using various game devices.


Google UX certificate project


Summer 2022
(8 weeks)

My role

UX/UI designer
Interaction designer


Competitive Audits
User Interview

My goal is to create a game preview app that is especially for arcade games. The key is to consider how to help gamers explore arcade games easier and faster, and what other features fit in the arcade game genres.
Search for games
Game filters & Game preview
Personalized gallery & Profile
Meet the users
For this project, I utilized a goal-directed design approach which proved to be highly effective in achieving my design objectives. I began by establishing empathy with potential users and conducted interviews with five individuals who are passionate about gaming. Based on the insights gathered from these interviews, I developed two personas.
Competitive Audits
I looked at several potential competing apps, and although none compete directly with Arkind, we share the same potential users and similar product goals. Most of the features between competitors were very similar, however, the main differences that I noticed were:

- Easily Accessible vs Hardly accessible
- Fun to use vs serious to use
- Content provider vs content presenter
- Bright / Distracting Interface vs Minimalistic Interface
Close-up Storyboarding
Big Picture Storyboarding
Low-fi prototyping
After sketching out some wireframes, I reviewed what features were necessary, and unnecessary. I listed what I think should be included in the app that can meet users' need. Then I followed the user flow I created to build low-fi wireframes.
Usability testing
I asked 5 different participants who play (discover) new games at least once a month. I got constructive feedback from the participants, and I used affinity diagramming to analyze their feedback for my next set of design iterations.
This project gives me an opportunity to take through the process of the user-centered design process. I think the design thinking of accessibility really helps me a lot through the whole process. I am able to think about different user needs, especially for disabled people. The outcome helps not only disabled people but also benefits all potential users.

This project is a goal-directed design process, and I can definitely see it being useful in future projects. The idea of honing on the persona hypothesis helps me establish a way to empathy users and helps me find potential interviewers.If I have more time, I would also create a light mode for this app. I would also test how this app fits color-blinded people and iterate on the colors and theme.