Background: In 2021, during my gap year, I collaborated with Taoyuan Studio in Netease Games to improve the user experience of Wangchuan, a mobile turn-based RPG game that draws inspiration from the tales of ancient Chinese figures. Wangchuan launched in March 19, 2021; and earned more than 2 million dollars in the first week.

Netease Games

My Role: Game UX designer

Duration: 9 months (2020.9 - 2022.6)

Tools: Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Unity
My Role
In my role, I collaborated closely with game designers, engineers, and artists to translate game mechanics into user interfaces. I presented visual solutions using wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes. I also implemented the UI art assets into Unity.
Treasure Digging Special Event
Treasure Digging is a special event that was launched six months after the release of Wangchuan. It is designed to engage players by offering the opportunity to discover valuable treasures. The primary goal of this event is to encourage players to participate daily.
Start with wireframing
I have generated multiple wireframes to show different ideas and experience flow. The key areas of focus in the design process were:
1. Optimizing the reuse of existing art assets (both 3D models & UI buttons).
2. Utilizing visuals to clearly convey the mechanics of the digging game.
3. Emphasizing incentives and rewards to encourage daily engagement
Multiple Wireframe Ideas

First Version Of End-To-End Flow
Interactive Prototype
After discussing with game designers and engineers, we finally settled on this version. I further created an interactive prototype to demonstrate my design idea.
UI Mock
After finalizing the UX solution, I proceeded to contemplate the UI style and generated a mock-up as a reference for the artists.

Mock-up In Photoshop

Final result
I collaborated with concept artists to create the final art assets and successfully implemented them into Unity. Here is the final result as it appears in the game.
Skin Customization Redesign
Skin-customized redesign involves enhancing the functionality of personalized skin customization. The objective is to develop a solution that is user-friendly and adaptable for future expansion.
Start with mind mapping
Firstly, I conducted a critical evaluation of the existing UX/UI design. Following that, I performed a competitive analysis to explore how other games approach skin customization. Lastly, I engaged in brainstorming sessions to generate ideas aimed at captivating the user base.

Inspirations Moodboard

I designed several solutions and translated them into wireframes to visually present my ideas.
UI Mocks
I evaluated the UI style and proceeded to create high-fidelity mockups to enhance the visual representation of the design. Ultimately, I selected the final solution due to its flexibility to adapt to future expansion.

UI Mocks

Reward compensation Function
The reward compensation system is designed to assist players who have been inactive for an extended period by providing them with resources.
I initiated the process by creating wireframes and thoroughly considering all the potential edge cases.
Final Results
After finalizing the UX solution, I moved on to consider the UI style and incorporate motion design into the game.