Background: In 2021, during my gap year, I collaborated with Taoyuan Studio in Netease Games to improve the user experience of Wangchuan, a mobile RPG game that draws inspiration from the tales of ancient Chinese figures. Wangchuan launched in March 19, 2021; and earned more than 2 million dollars in the first week.

Netease Games

My Role: Game UX designer

Duration: 8 months (2020.10 - 2022.6)
In my role, I developed several prototypes to evaluate various features. I collaborated closely with game designers to address design challenges and identify primary issues. To tackle these concerns, I presented visual solutions and conducted playtests. During the internal playtests, I served as an interviewer and collected feedback from internal participants. Subsequently, I analyzed the data and prepared a summary of the findings. I addressed many concerns and provided the team with the confidence to proceed with the project.
Treasure Activity Prototype
Final screenshot in Wangchuan:
Upgrade: Inspect & Confirm Prototype
Final screenshot in Wangchuan:
Reward-compensation mechanism
Clothes changing feature