Summer Days: Town of Long Mian
Background: "Summer Days : Town of Long Mian" is an indie game developed by a team of 10 students from Carnegie Mellon University. The game takes players on a journey to a serene and picturesque town called Long Mian. In the game, players can explore the town and engage with its inhabitants, as they complete various tasks and uncover the secrets of Long Mian.

1 producer, 4 programmers, 4 artists, 1 sound designer

My Role: UI/UX artist, 3D artist

Duration: 12 months (2022.5 - present)

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, UE4
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Longmian town environment
My primary contribution lies in modeling 3D art assets, such as items and landscapes. The rest three environment artists are responsible for combining these assets to create the town environment.
Part of the 3D art assets
Main Character
I took charge of the main character's development, starting from modeling and rigging. As for the animations, I use motion capture and downloaded animations from Mixamo.
More characters I built
UX prototypes
As the only UX/UI designer, I take the responsibility to design UX experience and create UI art assets. These screenshots are mockups I created, not the final game screenshots. The majority of them were captured from UE4, while some were screenshots from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Mini Game #1 Hopscotch
The Hopscotch mini-game is an QTE (quick time event) where players must react quickly to perform jumps using either one foot or two feet. To create a sense of urgency , I have designed the UI as a progress bar featuring two feet icons. The progress bar's color coding corresponds to the number colors on the ground, to ensure user-friendly gameplay.
Hopscotch Jump
Ending UI Animation
Mini Game #2 Curb Balance
In this game, players are challenged to maintain balance and walk as far as possible. To encourage repeated play, I have emphasized the length of the record. Also, I have designed the UI to be seamlessly integrated within the environment, providing an immersive experience as players explore the town.
Curb Balance Tutorial
Game Ending
Mini Game #3 Flipcards
The Flipcards game is a turn-based game where players compete to win cards from each other. To amplify the sense of competition, I have designed the UI with a friend's head, providing a visual guide that clearly indicates whose turn it is during the game. It also serves as a guidance & tutorial.
Game Start

Choose The Cards

Game Ending
Mini Game Tutorials
Hopscotch & Flipcards Tutorial
UI Design
For the UI design, I opted for a main color palette centered around blue. Because I want to establish a cohesive color scheme with the main character's clothing, ensuring visual harmony.

The UI Elements

My inspiration for the UI style stems from childhood memories of chalk drawings, crayon art, and slip of paper. Additionally, I drew inspiration from the nostalgic behavior of sliding a piece of paper from a notebook and passing notes to friends during class. These elements have influenced the design aesthetic and interactions in the game, evoking a sense of nostalgia and playfulness.

More UX/UI Mockups
Mini Game #4 Bingtangbo
Photo & Camera Mode
New Mission UI & Mission Log
3D Inventory System
3D Inventory UI
Dialogue & Speech
Speech Bubbles